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Written by Andrea Franco
on December 18, 2018
Merck believes that diversity delivers business results and inspires innovation by unlocking the perspectives of different kinds of people from different kinds of places. Businesses make the mistake of focusing on achieving the numbers, without tapping into and embracing different perspectives. In doing this, they are overlooking opportunity. Merck leverages that opportunity trough their employee business resources groups (EBRGs). The global leaders of its 10 EBRGs sit on a team called the EBRG ExecutiveLeadership Council. Partnered with Merck Chief DiversityOfficer, Celeste R. Warren, the EBRG Executive LeadershipCouncil was formed to help strengthen and diversify the global leadership pipeline, as well as to provide culturally relevant insights that drive innovation and company’s success. Jorge Lopez, global leader of the Merck HispanicOrganization (MHO), represents members of the Hispanic/Latino employee community and sits on the EBRG ExecutiveLeadership Council. The organization has been active for over 15 years and strives to build capabilities within their members and leverage their vast experience and knowledge to provide customer insights that drive business strategies.They have been engaged in such activities as mentoring,growing chapters around the globe, working with external organizations to promote the wellbeing of the Latino andHispanic community within Merck.Merck and MHO are deeply engaged in fostering diversity and inclusion. The great talent within the organization and the strong sponsorship from their CEO around diversity is making a difference at Merck.

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