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A Message from HACR President & CEO, Cid Wilson
Written by Andrea Franco
on January 31, 2019

The ASPIRA Association in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control made a huge commitment to educating Hispanic youth and the community about HIV/AIDS. Overall, the partnership addresses the disproportionate impact HIV/AIDS has in the Hispanic population. The primary purpose of the program is to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, communication, testing, and linkage to care, among Hispanics. HIV continues to be a serious threat to the health of the Hispanic community. In 2015, Hispanics accounted for about one-quarter of all new diagnoses of HIV in the United States, despite representing about 18 percent of the total US population. Lack of awareness of HIV infection contributes to HIV transmission. People who do not know they have HIV cannot take advantage of HIV care and treatment and may unknowingly infect others with HIV. This is why HIV testing is important. HIV testing should be a part of everyone’s regular health routine to keep our communities and us healthy. “Doing It” is a CDC national HIV testing and prevention campaign designed to motivate all adults to get tested and know their HIV status. On April 10, ASPIRA joined to support National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day.


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