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A Message from HACR President & CEO, Cid Wilson
Written by Andrea Franco
on December 18, 2018
Cigna is committed to ensuring diversity and Hispanic inclusion in the relationships and processes that drive business performance. They strive to differentiate the customer connection and enhance value to clients by understanding the multi-dimensional differences within the Hispanic/Latino population as part of their growth and operational business strategies, and by anticipating the communities’ needs to help them improve their health, well-being, and sense of security.Internally, Cigna’s Hispanic/Latino colleague resource group (CRG) offers employees the opportunity to support,empower, and celebrate the Hispanic community within their company while connecting them at a fundamental level to the communities they serve.Recently, Cigna’s Hispanic/Latino CRG developed the whitepaper, “America’s Hispanic Community” centered on theHispanic concept of Bienestar—a state of profound well being derived from the interrelationship between family,community, and good health. The CRG supplemented the white paper with a series of six videos showing reallife stories of Hispanic/Latino Cigna employees and their families. The video series, Bienestar: Improving Health and Wellness in the Hispanic/Latino Community, aims to help Cigna employees better understand the cultural perspectives and experiences of Cigna’s Hispanic-Latino customer base.

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